"how does this work?"

This is the most common question I get from new clients.  Every designer is different in the way they work with clients.  I try to make my process easy, collaborative, and most importantly fun!  A person's home is very personal and that is always my first thought.  I want your space to be beautiful but not at the cost of function.  It must still feel like your home.  While magazines are fun to look at, a home needs to feel lived in.  

here is how it works...

Here is an outline of a typical project.  That said, if I have learned anything about being in this business, nothing is "typical".  We can use this as a guide to develop the process that works best for your project. 



Call KDL Interiors


Katie Lombardi

6765 Burnett Ln

Dublin, OH 43017




You can email or call.  We will talk about your project,  any thoughts you have, what you've already done with the space and what your project goals are.  It's a great conversation to get things rolling.



Set up a consultation

We will set up a time for me to see your space in person.  A consultation is $150 and typically lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours.  During the consultation we will fully dive into what you want from your new design.  I will measure and take pictures so I can create floor plans as needed.  I really enjoy consultations and will typically walk the whole house with the client to get a feel for their design aesthetic.  It's a great time to get ideas and create a strong client relationship.



The proposal

After the consult, I will create proposal for your project.  This outlines the project scope and gives the client a range of hours to complete the project.  My goal is to give you a level of comfort and the ability to plan your design fees into the project budget.  My design fees are $90 per hour.



Time to design

After the proposal has been approved, I can start designing!  I will pull many options and put together idea boards to show the overall vision for the space.  I am a BIG fan of pinterest and use it as a tool to collect ideas and information.  Many clients like to follow their boards as I select items.  

During the final presentation, we will talk through the boards.  I will bring samples of fabric and finishes.  We will go over floor plans or construction documents as needed per project.  Following the presentation, the client will select a direction to move forward...and then the real fun begins!



Purchasing and Implementation

Purchasing is done in many ways.  Some clients will chose to purchase everything themselves and save on my design hours.  I can also purchase for the client and will allow the you to share in my designer discounts.  Most clients choose a combination of the two.  After purchasing, I will be available to help arrange and stage the house.  It is these final touches that really pull the design together and make the space feel finished, loved, and completely yours.