This is a project close to my heart..a nursery for our sweet baby girl.  After two boy nurseries and two boy rooms I went all in with the pink.  Falling in love with this vintage feeling floral wallpaper was the start of it all!  I wanted it to feel like a magical secret garden with a comfortable settee and details from our family.  The gold and lucite accents give it a touch of modern glam.  Above the crib is a shelf for baby pictures of the family with a special spot for her to be added in the middle as she completes our family.  Loved being able to use a plate that was given to my Mom when I was born and a music box figure given to me by my Aunt.  The art was used as the center of the room with a saying that still makes me tear up when reading it.  We sure hope you fly baby girl but for right now we are looking forward to having you with us in your new room and watching you grow.