Thursday, May 16, 2013

"I CAN NOT possibly have a baby in this condo!"

This is statement number 10,564 that I have had to go back on.  It is added onto and after the statements of... "I will not have a child in DC" and "I will not have a second child in DC".  Well, my husband seems to be able to prove all my statements false as I have two kids and we are still living in the condo.  So, what is one to do when you "CAN NOT possibly" have a second child in your current condo, yet you are having a second child in your condo?  Well, as I like to say, when life gives you a 1200 square foot, two bedroom condo and a new baby, you turn a loft into a nursery!

So, we dismantled office design #2 in the loft and began to make it into a suitable space for our new little bundle.  In my extreme nesting I focused on every detail.  We stuck with our beautiful Nurseryworks white and natural wood crib and changing table.  I wanted to create a room that was warm and modern without being cold.  The real highlight of the room is the chevron rug from Serena & Lily.  I love the use of the dark taupe (Benjamin Moore, Taos Taupe) to ground the room.  There are small accents of light blue in the bedding and art.  I wanted the art to feel rustic and hand-made so I found amazing prints on Esty.  One thing that I really enjoy is the mix of wood colors.  I think it makes it a manly little nursery (the little antlers help as well!).  The shelving unit is from Ikea and a left over from our office space.  It also creates a partial wall giving privacy to the loft.  The room is a mix of high and low.  We splurged on the key pieces and saved on the basics.  So, after weeks of pulling everything together Maxon was welcomed home with a beautiful room and a happy Mommy!

He will be enjoying his room for two more months until we move into our new house!  Which, by the way, is in the 10,564 somewhere as, "I will never buy a house in VA.  We are moving back to Ohio".  Stay tuned to the blog as we introduce our house and go through the process of Making it Our Home!

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